Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mid-Season Adjusted Ex-Men Rangers Roster

As a follow-up to yesterday's post (which was a follow up to a series of posts in April), here's a look at my team of recently-departed, still-active ex-Rangers, after some mid-season adjustments to the bullpen, and picking up recently made available additions to the impressive list of talented ex-Rangers (Teixeira, Lofton, Mahay & Gagne).

Lineup (with stats to date for this season: OBP/SLG/AVG):

1. Kenny Lofton OF L (.369/.416/.296, 7hr, 25rbi, 67r, 21sb)
2. Alfonso Soriano LF R (.336/.511/.297; 18hr; 42rbi; 74r; 18sb)
3. Carlos Lee RF R (.356/.536/.302; 24hr; 95rbi; 68r)
4. Alex Rodriguez S/3 R (.407/.633/.300; 39hr; 114rbi; 107r; 14sb)
5. Mark Teixeira 1B S (.388/.535/.291, 17hr, 61rbi, 56r)
6. Adrian Gonzalez DH/1B L (.339/.477/.265; 19hr; 68rbi; 64r)
7. Mark DeRosa 2B/U R (.363/.418/.288; 7hr; 54rbi; 40r)
8. Ivan Rodriguez C R (.289/.426/.279; 9hr; 50rbi; 39r)
9. Esteban German 3/I R (.372/.399/.284; 3hr; 29rbi; 36r; 8sb)

Rod Barajas C R (.343/.376/.214; 4hr; 9rbi; 15r)
Mike Lamb INF L (.375/.478/.296; 11hr; 34rbi; 40r)
Travis Hafner DH/1 L (.380/.438/.254; 18hr; 70rbi; 58r)
Gary Matthews, Jr. OF S (.338/.448/.275; 14hr; 65rbi; 67r, 12sb)

Starting Rotation
Chris Young R (9-4; 2.02era; 119k; 44bb; 124.2ip)
Kenny Rodgers L (3-2; 5.23era; 17k; 12bb; 32.2ip)
Doug Davis L (9-10; 3.81era; 101k; 76bb; 146.1ip)
John Danks L (6-10; 5.22era; 22GS; 122.1ip; 96k; 46bb)
Adam Eaton R (9-8; 6.36era; 82k; 57bb; 133ip)

CL: Francisco Cordero R (36sv; 0-4; 3.14era; 66k; 17bb; 48.2ip)
SU: Eric Gagne R (16sv, 2-0, 3.62era, 39G, 37.1ip. 14bb, 34k)
Ron Mahay L (3-0, 2.53era, 34G, 46.1ip)
Doug Brocail R (4-1, 3.88era, 44G, 53.1ip)
Brian Shouse L (1-1; 2.60era; 52G; 34.2ip)
Ryan Bukvich R (1-0, 2.96era, 31G, 27.1ip)
Aaron Fultz L (3-2, 3.28era, 36G, 24.2ip)

Question: Could any other team put together a better 25-man roster consisting of players that have left their organization but are still playing?

The Marlins leap to mind as they'd have a great rotation of former Marlins, but just off the top of my head, I think there offense would be very weak.


Mario said...

I would like to express my feelings and say this. Tom Hicks runs his team like a AAAA (yes, four A) major/minor league team. Considering how many of these players are incredibly productive in the league and to think that they could all be placed onto a fanatical Ranger's All-Star team. It shows that a private agreement must be in effect somwhere above in the unknown area of the front office(s). Texas' seemingly only recieves players with incredible talent so they can nourish their careers with consistant AB(s) and relieve them from the pressures of having to win. Once the players realize what they can do they realize they can do better. It's not a coincidence that such a list could be created of former Texas Rangers players.
The missing factor is the will to win. I don't question the players' will to win, more the will of the team's front office. I dont mean to target this man out but, Tom Hicks lavishes from the profit of exploited baseball fans, consistantly checking his Blackberry* while watching a Liverpool exhibition game thousands of miles away from the Ballpark. What is this man's deal? Assisting the competition for personal net worth. Yep... that is what is! It is appropiate to say that Hicks fits the "New Liberal" theory of 21st century exploitation.

This post has no factual evidence, it is just my personal opinion.

Jon said...

Mario, I agree with you - here's just a couple examples of your point:

Gary Matthews Jr: picked opfrom the free agent market after he was dumped by the Braves in 2003. Painstakingly developed into one of the games elite CF's - in my opinion, one of the best ever to patrol CF in Arlington - and realeased into free agency after 2006 where he was promptly signed by our "partners" as Hicks likes to call them, the LA of A (or whatever it is now) Angels.

Carlos Lee: brought over from the Brewers along with Nelson Cruz at the cost of Coco Cordero, Kevin Mench and Laynce Nix. Supposedly, the Rangers intended to sign Lee in the offseason, but Lee must have demanded too much money from Hicks, 'cause we wound up with Frank Catalanotto.

Jon said...

Just a quick by-the-by post:

The Cubs just signed Carlos Zambrano to a 5 year, $91.5 million contract. That includes a no-trade clause, and an option for a 6th year. It's also the highest average salary ever awarded to a picher in MLB history. So much for seeing the Big Z in Arlington.

Mona vie said...

Blake Beavan signs with the Rangers after holding-out. I hope to see this kid develop fast, and not a John Danks repeat. The Rangers have signed 28 out of 54 draft picks.. not bad..